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Flagpole in Moose F Norland Vit breathable paint

St Christopher’s Church Haslemere

Hi Jan,

As you can see we are combining it with commemorations of the end of the First World War.

Will take your advice re inspections. We hoist and lower the flag regularly so we will keep a close watch on the pole.

There are a few narrow cracks like pencil marks but we are not concerned. As I think you said, Douglas fir cracks anyway and the saw mill told us the same. As long as we have breathable wood paint any moisture which gets in will be able to escape and so will not cause rot.

All the best

Note from the editor: a most challenging project. The new flagpole of St Christopher’s Church Haslemere was treated with Moose F Norrland Vit breathable wood paint. The choice was made as the old flagpole rotted away due to time but also due to residual moisture under the old paint. Moose Färg is much honoured to be chose for this difficult project to see if the pole lasts longer. Time will tell.