Wood preservative Moose Färg: brings out the best of wood

Moose Färg wood preservative is solvent-free

If you want to prevent water intrusion into the wood and to retain a nice colour as long as possible, try Moose F (full color) Dimma (semi transparent) or Storuman Skydd colourless transparent wood preservative. Moose Färg brings out the grain, (the wood structure remains visible) accentuates the structure of the wood and protects against weathering. The wood is cared for and protected from water penetration, but it retains its own character. It prevents rot and mold and ageing. Moose Färg is also the ideal wood preservation for the inside of your garden shed, a red cedar panelling, a fence or a wooden ceiling of your porch or bedroom.

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Storuman Skydd wood preservative

Photo: Larch fence. Garden Edging Fence treated with Storuman Skydd transparant, door painted with Bohus Blå Moose F.

Moose Färg wood preservative does not form a layer of varnish over wood, it brings out the structure of the wood.

Moose Färg is an emulsion of drying oil. The droplets penetrate into the wood pores and harden inside. This means it does not wash off and it provides a lasting protection and preservation against weathering and slows ageing. Moose Färg works much longer than wood oil. Oil washes off the wood, while Moose Färg really attaches itself to the wood.

Moose Färg is (practically) solvent-free, which makes it is very pleasant to work with: friendly to ourselves and our environment. It is somewhat thick (like yoghurt), so it is easy to dose. You see what you use, then it slowly clears away.

To order Moose Färg wood preservative, go to: Moose Färg

The colourless, transparant version of Moose Färg is Storuman Skydd. Of course it is also possible to choose colours:  Norrland Vit is often used as a contrast with a different Moose colour.

  • Falu RödSwedish red
  • Vasa SvartDeep black
  • BlytungssvartLead grey
  • Skiffer GråSlate grey
  • Kiruna GråPerl grey
  • SommerblåSummer blue
  • Bohus BlåSwedish blue
  • Ljus BlåLight blue
  • Victoria GrönDark green
  • Dalarna GrönSwedish green
  • Amål GrönSoft green
  • Skåne GulSwedish yellow
  • Ljus GulLight yellow
  • GräddeOff-white
  • Norrland VitSnow white
  • Visby BrunDark Brown

You can also use Moose Dimma, the stronger tinted version we call “wash”.

For plywood and other loose fibrous substrates Moose Färg must be applied undiluted. For sawn and planed timber, add a little water during the first treatment, in order to facilitate the preservation. Let the first coat dry thoroughly, so it is clearly visible which parts need to be painted again.

Repeat treatment is very easy: no sanding required!

A transparent product such as Moose Färg has to be maintained after around 5 years for an optimum effect. The ageing will win if there is a lot of sun, especially in bright sunlight and with lying parts this can already be the case within one year. After-treatment helps, and under these circumstances this is certainly required once a year (or sometimes even more often).

The oil in Moose Färg will continue to strengthen the sustainability of the wood and prevent excessive water intrusion, thus preventing rot and mold.  Compare Moose Färg to a sunscreen; the wood must be lubricated regularly. This is not necessary inside, or in the shade. Outside it can definitely last 5 to 7 years, indoor almost indefinitely. Storuman Skydd colorless wood preservative can be used in the same way as Moose F but needs more maintainance. It is great for outdoor use but also for indoor panelling. Moose Färg wood preservative can always be re-painted with a different paint.

Moose Färg wood preservative is great for red cedar, oregon pine and douglas

Exposed to wind and weather, Western red cedar weathers quickly. It gets silvery grey and then blackish. On the long run many people do not find this attractive. You can give the wood a natural color with Moose Färg.With Moose Färg wood preservative slows the ageing process, so the wood retains much longer. Moose Färg holds perfectly on Western red cedar.



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