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Matt Swedish wood paint and wood protection

Simply good for wood

No country in the world has such an expertise in wood protection as Sweden. People there have been building wooden houses for generations. There is a changeable and harsh climate. The Swedish have a tradition of painting their houses with unique matte colors and they are masters of stylish design. Swedish colors are a joy for the eye, characterized by calm, spacious light and color effects.

Moose Färg has a broad offering in traditional Swedish wood paint and other sustainable wood protection products.

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Why is Swedish wood paint so unique?

Matt wood paint from Sweden: the feeling of freedom

With matt wood paint from Sweden you ensure that your wood can “breathe”. The paint does not form a covering film, as regular paint does. This means that the wood is not completely sealed, but vapour can still permeate through the paint layer. Moose Färg absorbs into the wood like a stain. In this way, the beautiful structure and grain of the wood remain visible.

Swedish wood paint has a robust exterior quality, is water-based and environmentally friendly. It contains modified linseed oil, which makes the wood water-repellent. Moose Färg paint is very easy to maintain: no sanding in between layers. Perfect for painting your wooden house, garden house, shed, fence and furniture.

Opaque wood paint

The original Swedish wood paint: our Moose F! A durable wood protection in the original Swedish color palette. The paint absorbs into the wood like a stain, leaving the wood grain beautifully visible. For all types of wood, rough and planed. Also for wood that has already been painted or impregnated.

Semi-transparent paint

Dimma means fog in Swedish. And that’s exactly what this semi-transparent paint does. Dimma gives a haze of color over the wood, but the color of the wood itself remains partly visible as well. Our white wash and grey wash are best known, but you can also opt for a color wash in one of our other Swedish colours.

Transparent colorless stain

Storuman Skydd is a colorless stain that enhances the color and structure of the wood. At the same time, the wood is protected against – among other things – moisture. The wood can “breathe”, is protected against UV radiation and the wood is preserved.

Matt window paint

Moose RDM is specifically developed for dimensionally stable, smooth surfaces. This type of paint has the same matt chalk paint-like appearance as Moose F, but is better suited for e.g. hardwood frames and doors. It’s the only completely matte window paint. Also suitable for wooden indoor furniture.

A modern wood paint with a history of centuries

The cradle of Moose Färg (translated: Moose Paint) matt wood paint lies in the copper ore mining area in the middle of Sweden. It is here where the typical red pigment was first used, as it came available as the by-product of ore mining. Basically, it is iron oxide. Apart from its low cost and pleasant color it also proved to be very effective for wood preservation. This pigment – together with the formulation based on wheat and rye flour, water and linseed oil – gave the Swedish paint a unique effectiveness. The damp open structure provides the wood with a “breathable” paint layer and prevents it from becoming too moist. The wood becomes water-repellent, providing a perfect, durable protection for your wood.

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The original Swedish wood paint colors

Moose Färg is based on the beautiful Swedish color palette. The most typical is Swedish red, a beautiful deep red that is colored with earth pigments. All of our colors are completely matte and easy to combine with each other. Get to know our colors!

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Kleurenkaart Moose Färg

The unique Swedish color palette

Moose Färg Swedish wood paint still uses the old philosophy, but has been further developed into a modern, effective way of preserving wood and providing it with a layer of paint in the most beautiful colors:

  • Falu Röd

    Swedish red Moose Färg Falu Röd (Swedish red)
  • Vasa Svart

    Deep black

    Moose Färg Vasa Svart (Deep black)
  • Blytungsgrå

    Lead grey

    Moose Färg Blytungsbrå (Lead grey)
  • Bohus Blå

    Swedish blue

    Moose Färg Bohus Bla (Swedish blue)
  • Ljus Blå

    Light blue

    Moose Färg Ljus Blå (Light blue)
  • Kiruna Grå

    Perl grey

    Moose Färg Kiruna Grå (Perl grey)
  • Skiffer Grå

    Slate grey

    Moose Färg Skiffer Grå (Slate grey)
  • Dalarna Grön

    Swedish green

    Moose Färg Dalarna Grön (Swedish green)
  • Amål Grön

    Soft green

    Moose Färg Amål Grön (Soft green)
  • Skåne Gul

    Swedish yellow

    Moose Färg Skåne Gul (Swedish yellow)
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