Matt wood paint from Sweden: simply good for wood

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Breathable matt wood paint

The wood grain remains visible, no flaking of the paint; unique matt look. Does not form a film on the wood like conventional paint for wood. For all types of wood including impregnated, shaven and already painted wood. (Nearly) free of volatile organics and of course waterdilutable; pleasant smell and easy to use. A modern paint for wood with a history of centuries.

Based on the original schlamfärg; a paint for wood with traditional formulation with linseedoil and wheat flour. Durable and very easy to apply. Suitable for all types of untreated rough wood. For both indoor and outside applications.

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Moose Färg Swedish wood paint: a legacy from centuries

No country in the world has such an expertise in woodprotection as Sweden. The Swedes have for centuries built their houses with timber and have developed Swedish paint, the ideal treatment for optimal endurance against the harsh climate and simultanously for joy for the eye. They are experts in paints for wood: easy to use, durable, does not flake, totally matt wood paint.

matt paint for wood

The cradle of Moose Färg (translated Moose paint) matt wood paint lies in the kopper ore mining area in the middle of Sweden. It is here the typical red pigment was first used as it came available as the by-product of the ore mining. Basically it is iron oxide and apart from its low cost and pleasant colour it also proved to be very effective for wood preservation. This pigment together with the formulation based on wheat and rye flour, water and linseed oil gave this swedish paint for wood a unique effectiveness. The damp open structure enabled the wood to breath and prevented it to be too moist. On the other hand excess water was kept out and the surface area was refreshed by natural erosion.

Swedish red and many other scandinavian colors

King Johan, also part owner of the mines, liked the color so much (reminding him of the red brick houses of the “continent”) he made it standard issue for his own buildings and made it clear to the nobility this was the colour wood paint the king expected them to use. The typical Swedish red colour is now the hallmark of all nordic countries (who actually were once for a large part under the rule of the house of the Vasa kings).

Matt wood paint

Matt wood paint from Sweden

Moose Färg Swedish wood paint still uses the old philosphy but has been developed to a modern, effective means to preserve wood as well provide nice colours.


  • Falu RödSwedish red
  • Vasa SvartDeep black
  • BlytungsgråLead grey
  • Skiffer GråSlate grey
  • Kiruna GråPerl grey
  • SommerblåSummer blue
  • Bohus BlåSwedish blue
  • Ljus BlåLight blue
  • Victoria GrönDark green
  • Dalarna GrönSwedish green
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