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Painting window frames with matt paint | For interior and exterior use

Matt wood paint for window frames, doors and paneling

Looking for a strong paint for window frames? With Moose Färg paint you transform your window frames with a unique, completely matte appearance. Also important: they are long-term protected against various weather elements.

Exterior wood has to deal with moisture and bright sunlight (UV radiation). The wood can also be affected by pests and fungi, this is especially a risk when the old paint layer is flaking. Therefore, it’s very important to provide your window frames with a protective paint layer.

For decades, it used to be the standard to paint window frames white with a glossy finish, usually in RAL 9010. More and more variations and colors are now appearing: frames and doors no longer have to be white and a matt appearance is also increasingly preferred. Moose RDM is unique, as it’s the only completely matt window frame paint.

On this page you will read how to paint your window frames and doors and achieve a durable result that protects your frames for years to come.

window frame paint
Window sill in Antracit Grå

Painting window frames? Use matte paint Moose RDM:

Why paint window frames with Moose RDM?

Painting window frames with Moose RDM is easy and even fun to do. Moose RDM is also the best choice for professionals when it comes to evenly painting window frames.

Moose RDM is not only beautiful in it’s appearance, but has many technical advantages as well:

  • Super strong, completely matt coverage
  • Good resistance to all weather influences
  • Easy to use, you don’t have to be a professional
  • Low in solvents & environmentally friendly
  • Cost-efficient; the paint is very economical
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Maintenance-free for at least 7 years

“The paint from Moosefarg is great! Very easy to apply. No nasty paint smell. The result is beautiful. The order always runs very smoothly.”

Moose RDM Kiruna Grå

Painting a wooden door with Moose RDM

You’ve painted the framework, but what about your doors? Wood paint Moose RDM is also the pefect choice for painting your wooden (front) door. Whether you are painting an interior or exterior door: with Moose RDM you create a strong result that will last for years. Combine it with the framework of your door and you’ll get a unique, completely matte look that you don’t often see on doors.

Moose RDM can be perfectly used on both interior and exterior doors. So, how to paint your door? Follow the steps in the step-by-step plan below and you will create a long lasting, durable result.

3 reasons to paint your door with Moose RDM:

  • Conservation of your wood
  • Protection against wear
  • Creating a unique appearance

Find another great example of a painted door here.

Frame and door in Moose RDM Blytungs Grå

Painting window frames and doors with Moose RDM: advice and steps

Moose RDM is a very suitable matte paint for hard and demanding surfaces, such as window frames and doors. The paint is pleasant to use and therefore very suitable for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Following these steps will give you the best results.

  1. Degreasing

    Use soapy water with linseed oil soap to degrease and clean the window frames. In the meantime, inspect your window frames: is the frame free of mold and wood rot? These are serious damage to the frame, it is not wise to simply paint over them. Remove any wood rot and fill the parts with a wood filler (e.g. from the hardware store).

  2. Apply primer

    If you are going to paint with Moose RDM, you must first prime the wood. You can do this using Moose F: dilute Moose F with some water and apply it as a primer or you can use a water-based primer.
    If there is an old layer of paint on the window frames that is not peeling, you can sand it coarsely until you reach a chalky layer. This chalky layer can serve as a base for Moose RDM.

  3. Dilute the paint

    Moose RDM paint can easily be diluted with water. This makes it more pleasant to use and easier to paint the surface nice and even. Before you start painting window frames or doors, you can dilute a small portion of the paint to see what works best for you.

  4. Painting

    A high solid paint like Moose RDM does not flow. If you have a precise hand, a good result is easy to achieve with a brush. Use a boar bristle brush. Sometimes for large surfaces such as doors, it is more convenient to first brush and then roll off with a felt roller.
    Do not paint too thickly, otherwise you will get a vulnerable layer and there is a greater chance of unevenness. This is especially the case with dark colors such as Vasa Svart and Antracit Grå.

  5. Optional for interior doors and window frames: using a lacquer

    If the coverage is as desired, you can choose to finish with Topp matte lacquer for interior use. This varnish gives surfaces a wear-resistant protection that is easy to clean. This can be useful for doors that are used and touched intensively. Please note: Topp is only suitable for indoor use.

  6. Maintenance

    If applied properly, your window frames and doors painted with Moose RDM will last at least 7 years without maintenance. Cleaning is very easy with (soapy) water.

painting window frames black
Moose RDM Vasa Svart on doors and window frames

Products for painting window frames and doors:

Using matte window frame paint over a high gloss paint layer

Do you want to switch from a gloss paint to a matte paint? No problem!

If the old layer of paint is still in good condition, you can reuse the base layer. You need to sand the top layer of the high-gloss. This means: sand with 80 grit until the chalky base layer. You can then paint your window frames with Moose RDM. With two thin layers you are completely done.

If the old layer of paint is peeling, you should remove as much of it as possible. Repainting a peeling layer of paint is never a good idea because the new layer of paint will then adhere to the peeling layer and will peel along with it.

Painting window frames and doors: which color do you choose?

The most commonly used color for painting window frames is RAL 9010. We call this color ‘Grädde (cream in Swedish)’. The choice is yours: you can choose from a large selection of our matte colors. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to paint them black. Then you can opt for our color ‘Vasa Svart’ (deep black). The color and appearance of Moose RDM is exactly the same as Moose F and can therefore perfectly combined with Moose F.

Would you like to see the Moose Färg colors in real life? Then you can request our free color chart. It’s hand-painted and therefore displays the colors exactly. If you first want to try out the paint at home, you can order a paint sample.

If you prefer a different color than our standard range offers – for example a specific RAL or NCS color – you can order via ‘Customer Color‘ and we will make sure to mix this paint for you.

  • Falu Röd

    Swedish red Moose Färg Falu Röd (Swedish red)
  • Vasa Svart

    Deep black

    Moose Färg Vasa Svart (Deep black)
  • Blytungsgrå

    Lead grey

    Moose Färg Blytungsbrå (Lead grey)
  • Ljus Blå

    Light blue

    Moose Färg Ljus Blå (Light blue)
  • Bohus Blå

    Swedish blue

    Moose Färg Bohus Bla (Swedish blue)
  • Kiruna Grå

    Perl grey

    Moose Färg Kiruna Grå (Perl grey)
  • Skiffer Grå

    Slate grey

    Moose Färg Skiffer Grå (Slate grey)
  • Dalarna Grön

    Swedish green

    Moose Färg Dalarna Grön (Swedish green)
  • Norrland Vit

    Snow white

    Moose Färg Norrland Vit (Snow white)
  • Grädde


    Moose Färg Grädde (Off-white)
  • Sommerblå

    Summer blue

    Moose Färg Sommerblå (Summer blue)

Strong window frame paint that will last for years

Frame paint Moose RDM has great covering and provides a strong result that will last for years. Even though the paint is a bit thicker than our wood paint Moose F, the paint is still easy to apply, covers well and does not leave brush strokes. It dries completely even with a beautiful matte effect and a chalky appearance.

Moose RDM frame paint is very suitable for surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly or where hands are often touched. These can be window frames, but also a door made of untreated wood or a veranda railing. Moose RDM can even be used for wind springs of garden houses. Wind springs or fascia boards suffer a lot in wet and windy weather conditions. Moose RDM does not come off under these conditions.

Order paint directly?

“Fantastic product! We chose black, covers very well, does not drip and a beautiful color!! Great! The best is yet to come… yesterday I wanted to paint the stairs and dropped a new bucket of paint in the kitchen. EVERYTHING was covered, floor, kitchen, wall… my hands and legs. After an hour everything was cleaned up without you seeing anything. So it’s also gentle if you make a mess – easy to remove!”

Lizet (The Netherlands): “Hello, here are some photos of our house after painting the window frames with slate gray RDM. Very satisfied! We also had a professional painter do the painting. His words: ‘it spreads like butter’.”

Frequently asked questions about painting window frames:

Which brush is best to use for painting window frames?

We recommend that you use our premium quality brush to paint your window frames with Moose RDM. This brush ensures that the paint flows nicely. Then finish this layer with a felt roller for an even result.

What is the advantage of painting window frames with water-based paint?

A water-based window frame paint is better for the environment and does not smell. You can also use this paint for inside window frames, as it does not leave an unpleasant paint smell. The paint does not become yellow at all and gives a durable result.

What paint do I need to paint window frames?

Moose RDM is very suitable for painting window frames. This paint has a high solid content, which gives it great covering power and is resistant to various weather conditions. The paint can be diluted with water, does not leave brush marks on the frame and flows well. Suitable for both professional painters and those who want to do it themselves.

How often should I paint my outdoor window frames?

This is partly a matter of taste, but our experience is that painting your window frames with Moose RDM ensures that your window frames look great for at least 7 years. The sunny side of your house may weather faster than the shaded side.

Would you like additional, personal advice?

We are happy to help. Send an e-mail or call +31(0) 6 55 333 165. Watch our Instruction Video for more information. Apply here for a free color-card.