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High solid window paint RDM

Extraordinary product for window paint, doorframes, doors, panelling and furniture

With an extra high percentage of solids for extra opacity, especially on hard, smooth surfaces. Gives a nice matt effect. Very suitable for demanding hard surfaces, such as window frames, doors, hard panelling which have already been painted and furniture. Water dilutable of course, and enjoyable in its use. RDM is a professional totally matt window paint



Window paint RDM is also great for furniture

Kitchen Bench in Norrland Vit RDM

Window paint RDM is great for panelling, doors and windows and doorframes.

Very suitable for surfaces which have to be cleaned regularly or are touched by a lot of hands. For example a door made of untreated wood or verandah railings. RDM can also be chosen instead of Moose F, for bargeboards of garden sheds, which are exposed to all sorts of weather. The choice is yours.

If you want to paint a table or a cabinet with RDM matt window paint, you can give it a great finish with TOPP matt lacquer. This allows you to leave wet glasses or teacups on the surface without losing the beautiful “look “, and also makes it possible to clean it easily, and often.

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Moose Färg RDM is so easy to use!

The colours and “look” are completely the same as the other S and F types and therefore Moose Färg RDM is ideal to combine with the other Moose Färg paints. A modern top of the notch product from an ancient tradition; the ideal paint for your furniture. Needless to say, very easy to use. Dilutable with a little water, to make it easy to paint a nice smooth surface. Find out yourself what works best for you.

Brush on the first layer and then finish with a felt roller. Again, this is easy to clean with soap and water. RDM is actually a condensed version of the F type. RDM is therefore less suitable for wood that “works ” strongly( shrinks and expands ). Take Moose F in those instances.

RDM window paint provides a touch-proof surface, due to the high percentage of solids. This makes it particularly economical to work with too. Great results from a small jar.

The choice of professional users.