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Linseed oil soap: organic cleaner with a wide range of applications

The smell of the Swedish summer sun

Linseed oil soap is a pure natural product from Sweden. An environmentally-friendly, organic product without solvent and artificial additives, but with a wide range of uses. It is considered to be the best solution for cleaning surfaces to be painted, especially wood.

Linseed oil soap is a real jack of all trades regarding wood protection and cleaning. Among other things it is:

  • An ecological paint cleaner and degreaser before applying paint.
  • A wood soap for cleaning wood that got dirty due to weather conditions.
  • Used for cleaning brushes and clothing after painting.
  • Used for soaping wooden floors.
  • Used for various cleaning activities inside and outside. For example cleaning a wooden floor.
Linseedoil soap
Linseed oil soap Polarsken

Read further for more information regarding each application

1. Ecological paint cleaner based on linseed oil

For achieving the optimal result it is best to clean the surface with a paint cleaner before painting. For the paint to adhere optimally, it is important to get rid of grease, dust and dirt. Don’t underestimate this step of the process. It might seem as if the paint has adhered properly, but if grease or dirt is still between the paint and the surface, it can show months or years later. The result: the paint starts to flake.

Hence, a good cleaner is essential. Our Polarsken Linseed oil soap is a highly effective cleaner that thoroughly degreases the surface. It is way more natural and environmentally friendly than the use of solvents like turpentine or benzine. Our Linseed oil soap is made of soapy linseed oil mixed with water. That’s it! No perfume, no synthetic or allergenic substances. All natural.

Linseed oil soap is very suitable for cleaning every type of wood. The soap removes dirt, while leaving behind a thin layer of linseed oil, nurturing the surface and preventing new dirt from encrusting. It provides extra protection and a pleasant surface.

Conny Darwinkel (Netherlands): “With a new fence in the offing that I want to paint Ljus Blå, first tried it out on a garden/fence door that was gloomy and dirty after 12 years. First removed all batter and scrubbed clean with soapy water with linseed oil soap Then the door looked like new again! Then 2 times with the Moose F Ljus Blå. It rained, but luckily the door could be painted inside. The result: so beautiful! That looks promising for the fence. Already looking forward to it Quick answer from Jan to all questions, with the block brush and narrow brush from Moose Färg it is super easy to work. And the paint / stain exceeds my expectations, nice matte, beautiful pigments and above all nice and easy to work with.”

2. Linseed oil soap for cleaning wooden surfaces

Polarsken linseed oil is perfect for cleaning and treating all types of wood: untreated, impregnated, planed and even painted wood. Wood that stays outside always gets dirty, especially after the winter season. Rain leaves behind dirt and algae love to stick to wet wood. Polarsken linseed oil soap is perfect for giving your old wood a fresh and clean look. Mix a dash of soap with water and use a soft brush.

Can also be used for cleaning wooden floors, read further

cleaning table linseed oil
Wooden table cleaned with Polarsken linseed oil

3. Cleaning brushes and clothing after painting

Polarsken is great for cleaning brushes and can also be used for cleaning clothes as well. Make sure to clean while the paint is still wet, because there is no way of getting the paint off once it’s fully dried.

Cleaning brushes. Mix the soap with water. Massage the soap solution into the brushes by hand and rinse well with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Take a mixing ratio of about 1:20 to 1:40. If you want to store brushes so that you can use them for years to come, clean them with benzine.

Cleaning clothes. You can moisten stains on textiles and rub both sides with undiluted soap. Let it soak in for a while and then wash it in the washing machine for a few hours.

4. Soaping wood as a way of preservation

You can use linseed oil soap for excellent wood preservation. In Sweden, indoor furniture and wooden floors are traditionally protected with a soap treatment. A ‘såpat’ soaped floor gives an old-fashioned and natural patina – especially oak is great for soaping. Somewhat comparable to white wash. The wood bleaches a little and completely retains its natural appearance. It is laborious, because you have to keep it up to date. However, the result is beautiful.

5. Cleaning wooden floors

Polarsken linseed oil soap cleanses and nurtures your wooden floor nicely. While removing dirt and grease, it also provides extra protection and care by adding a thin layer of linseed oil. This thin layer works dirt repellent. Natural, simple and effective. Your floor won’t become shiny. Due to the pleasant smell it is nice to work with.

Our linseed oil soap is suited for every wood type. It is also great for porous (terracotta, sandstone) and non-porous stone (granite, ceramics), linoleum and cork. It cleans and adds an extra layer of protection, creating a pleasant surface.

Paint cleaner: here’s how to use it!

Mix a dash of soap with 3 liters of warm water. Take a mixing ratio of 1:20 to 1:40, which is about the size of an egg cup of soap on 3 liters of water. Make sure the soap is well dissolved by stirring. You can spray the surface with this soapy water or apply it with a brush. Leave on for about 10 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

If there is growth of algae and moss, add some chlorine bleach (watch out for your clothes). This is a good solution for light fouling. If you suffer from wood fungi, – often reflected by black spots – you can consider using a heavier remedy, such as an anti-fungal impregnation, before you start painting. For more information you can contact us for personal advice.

cleaning wooden table
Polarsken is used for cleaning wood before painting

Polarsken: simply amazing

Polarsken is made of purified, sterilized and degummed raw linseed oil from Sweden. Linseed oil is made from flax seeds. This flower is very special because it only blooms for 1 day! Luckily they don’t all bloom at the same time and one plant can have multiple flowers. This means that, for a few weeks a year, you can enjoy a beautiful, purple field of flowers (around March/April).

Flax oil is known for its high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (over 60%). This is also known as omega-3 oil. By letting the oil react with lye, a natural soap is created.

Natural soap

Linseed oil soap is a completely natural product. Without additives: no odor, no synthetic or allergenic substances. Friendly for the environment and biodegradable: the smell of the summer sun! And that without any added perfume!

Cleaning with linseed oil soap is much safer than using solvents such as turpentine, and more likable than synthetic products. It’s also great for cleaning your brushes and clothing, as well as wooden and stone floors. And, as mentioned earlier above: linseed oil soap is multifunctional in both cleaning (wood, clothing, brushes) and preservation. Always handy to have at home.

flax flowers linseed oil
Linseed oil is made from flax flowers

Want to buy linseed oil soap?

Recipe: how to make linseed oil soap

For the hardcore fan: it is possible to make linseed oil soap yourself! (Source: Svenska farmakopén, 1901).

  • Linseed oil – 40 parts
  • Potassium hydroxide – 32 parts
  • Distilled boiling water – 20 parts (up to 100 parts)
  • Concentrated alcohol (99%) – 8 parts

Mix the linseed oil and potassium hydroxide and heat while constantly stirring. Let it cool off a bit and then add the alcohol. Keep stirring until you reach a homogeneous mass. Add water to make the mass (more) liquid.

wood cleaned with wood soap
Wood cleaned with linseed oil soap

FAQ: frequently asked questions about linseed oil soap

What can I use linseed oil soap for?

Linseed oil soap is perfect for:
– Cleaning wood before painting
– Cleaning dirty wood, e.g. outdoor furniture
– Both cleaning brushes and clothing after painting
– Cleaning wooden floors and linoleum
– Cleaning porous (terracotta, sandstone) and non-porous stone (granite, ceramics)
– A variety of cleaning activities inside and outside

Is our linseed oil a biological/natural soap?

Yes, our linseed oil is a completely natural product. It is both environmentally friendly and biodegradable. No perfume, no synthetic or allergenic substances. All natural. The linseed oil is produced in Sweden.

How is linseed oil soap produced?

Linseed oil is an unsaturated oil which is composed of fatty acids. By letting the oil react with lye a natural soap is created: linseed oil soap.

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