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Red cedar: treatment with Moose Färg Swedish paint

Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) itself contains toxic substances (Tropolones) that provide the remarkable durability of these light soft red cedarspecies. Western red cedar is therefore resistant against fungus that causes dry rot damage. This allows untreated Western red cedar to be used outside.

Exposed to wind and weather, Western red cedar and Oregon pine weather quickly. They can turn silvery grey and then blackish. Many people do not find this attractive. With Dimma beach look whitewash paint you provide the red cedarwith a white haze. This will slow down the effects of UV and provides an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Red cedar: treatment with Moose Färg Swedish paint

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Preventing and controlling fungus on the red cedar

Once red cedaris treated with matt paint for wood, sometimes still things have to be done. In a humid environment ( e.g. under trees) green fungus can occur (algae). Also, a black fungus (‘weather’) can grow inside the timber. Both can be controlled if you catch them on time. Provided that it is diluted, Moose Färg matt paint for red cedaris resistant to these problems.

A good remedy for both green and black fungus (the weather) is simply to use diluted chlorine bleach with some linseed oil soap. A stronger means is Förebyg, which is especially good against ‘the weather’. Against woodworm you can use boric acid but fortunately these creatures hardly exist in the Netherlands.

Preserve the red cedarcolour?

Do you want the beautiful red cedarto keep its colour longer, please use Storuman Skydd.

It brings out the grain, lets the colour stand out better and protects it against UV. When a transparent product is used, the treatment has to be repeated for an optimal effect. Storuman Skydd can be used in the same way as the paints with pigment.

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Douglas is pink-brown. The red cedarthat originates from old trees in the U.S. is known as Oregon pine in the Netherlands. If it is quarter sawn is shows a beautiful line drawing. With Storuman Skydd this is very attractive.