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Natural Paint Moose Färg S

Natural paint Moose Färg S follows an ancient recipe with a traditional method of preparation. Moose Färg S paints are made from natural , renewable raw materials as much as possible , such as ( boiled ) linseed oil , wheat, rye flour and natural or nature identical pigments .

Natural paint for rough, untreated wood

In production, use and waste processing Moose S has little impact on the environment.
Moose S is a very sustainable product, a truly natural paint. Also in regards to the extraction of these substances, the environment is spared as much as possible. Naturally, the use of volatile solvents (VOCs ) is avoided.

If you want to know more about the origins of Moose S natural paint : read more about The Origin of Moose Färg. The recipe of Moose S originated in Sweden probably around 1255.

For this natural product we use starch from rye and wheat flour as the binder and water as a solvent. Furthermore, it includes earth pigments and linseed oil . This natural paint has a protective effect and is pervious to oxygen and moisture. For certain colours the mixture is boiled to achieve the correct thickness and binding.


Natural paint

Moose S natural paint Åmal Grön


Moose Färg S is only useful on rough, untreated wood. Originally Moose S did not even contain linseed oil, but this component turned out to be necessary for the adhesion to the timber.

Moose Färg F is intended for indoors and outdoors, for smooth wood , painted wood , smooth plaster, wallpaper , textured paint, and so on. It contains the same ingredients. To make it suitable for smooth substrates it also contains modified natural oil ( alkyd ).

Production, use and disposal afterwards (construction and demolition waste) are fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moose Färg natural paint is ideal for the conscious consumer, who also makes high demands on the appearance and long term use properties of this natural product, which has been used in Sweden for centuries.

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Moose Färg natural paint comes in beautiful natural colours :

  • Falu RödSwedish red
  • Vasa SvartDeep black
  • BlytungsgråLead grey
  • Skiffer GråSlate grey
  • Kiruna GråPerl grey
  • SommerblåSummer blue
  • Bohus BlåSwedish blue
  • Ljus BlåLight blue
  • Victoria GrönDark green
  • Dalarna GrönSwedish green
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