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Natural paint from Sweden: paint with an ancient history

Suited for rough, untreated wood

In Sweden, wooden houses have been painted with natural paint for hundreds of years. The recipe might have been altered slightly over the years, but the core of the traditional recipe has always been natural, renewable, raw materials; such as (boiled) linseed oil, wheat, rye flour and natural or nature identical pigments.

  • Does not contain VOCs, solvents or other harmful substances.
  • Produced in Sweden, with as much renewable materials as possible.
  • Maintenance without sanding, so no paint residues are released into the environment.
  • Does not smell, is easy to spread, absolutely harmless to people and the environment.
  • Suitable for very rough, untreated wood.
Moose S Vasa Svart

Linseed oil in Swedish natural paint

Moose S (and also Moose F) is a sustainable product and a true natural paint. The Moose S recipe probably originated in Sweden around 1255. The base consists of pigments, filler (to make it spreadable and give it a base) and a drying oil. The oil hardened the paint and therefore stuck to the surface.

Even today, drying wood oil is the key to wood paint. Traditionally, linseed oil has proven to be the most suitable for this. Linseed oil is pressed from the linseed of the flax plant. A cloudy substance is formed when the seeds are pressed. The settling produces a clear oil, which is then called “stand oil”.

Moose Färg S also has a natural water-repellent effect due to the addition of linseed oil and is therefore very suitable for outdoor wood, such as fences, facades and garden houses.

In Sweden, some people still make their own variant of natural paint. There’s a reason that natural color is an important topic of conversation in the pub in Sweden, because everyone has a wooden house and for that you actually need an understanding of paint.

If you want to know more about the origins of Moose S natural paint, read more about The origin of Moose Färg.

Moose S natural paint: only for rough, untreated wood

The ingredients of Moose S are very simple: starch from rye and wheat flour serves as a binder and water as a solvent. It also contains earth pigments and linseed oil. The environment is protected to the greatest possible extent during the extraction of these substances. These ingredients are cooked over a long period of time. This creates a protective, natural finish that allows oxygen and moisture to pass through so the wood can continue to breathe. For certain colors the mixture is boiled to achieve the correct thickness and binding. The use of volatile solvents (VOC) is avoided.

Production, use and disposal afterwards (construction and demolition waste) are fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moose Färg natural paint is ideal for the conscious consumer, who also makes high demands on the appearance and long term use properties of this natural product, which has been used in Sweden for centuries.

Attention: Moose S can only be used on very rough and untreated wood. Unfortunately, the adhesion is not sufficient for planed and impregnated wood. The natural paint is easily washed off the surface. For smooth, impregnated and planed wood we recommend using Moose F. Our paint type Moose F can be used for all types of wood.

Moose S is only available in the colors Falu Röd (Swedish red) and Vasa Svart (Deep black).


An area of 20-24 m² can be painted with 4 liters of paint. This already takes two layers into account. Please note: consumption also depends on the absorbency of the surface. For example, with a highly absorbent surface, consumption is naturally higher than with a less absorbent surface. Even with large white areas, consumption can be up to 50% higher. This factor should definitely be considered before purchasing the paint.


Applying the color is particularly easy with a (block) brush. This will help you get into the cracks in the wood. Dilute the paint in for the first layer with approx. 5-10% water so that it can optimally penetrate the wood. Let the first layer dry. At a temperature of 20 °C this takes several hours, at a temperature of 15 °C a day. Then apply the second (covering) layer. Make sure that afterwards, no rain comes over the paint for approximately 3 days.

You can clean your brushes and work materials with some water and linseed oil soap.

For impregnated, pre-painted or planed wood: use Moose F

In Sweden it is completely normal to build houses from raw, untreated wood. In the Netherlands we usually see more processed wood, such as impregnated and smooth planed wood. It’s also possible that you’ve already painted or stained your wood and want to repaint it. A natural paint such as Moose S cannot adhere and we recommend using Moose F.

Moose F is suitable for all types of wood and surfaces such as smooth planed wood, previously painted wood and impregnated wood. It contains the same natural ingredients but to make it suitable for smooth surfaces it also contains modified natural oils such as alkyd. Like Moose S, Moose F is completely matt.

Moose F is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, think of barns, garden houses, fences and wooden houses. The production, use and disposal after use (construction and demolition waste) of Moose F are fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moose Färg paint is therefore ideal for the conscious consumer who also places high demands on the appearance and long-term performance of this natural product, which has been used in Sweden for centuries.

Moose F is available in a wide range of colors with a real Swedish character.

  • Falu Röd

    Swedish red Moose Färg Falu Röd (Swedish red)
  • Vasa Svart

    Deep black

    Moose Färg Vasa Svart (Deep black)
  • Blytungsgrå

    Lead grey

    Moose Färg Blytungsbrå (Lead grey)
  • Bohus Blå

    Swedish blue

    Moose Färg Bohus Bla (Swedish blue)
  • Ljus Blå

    Light blue

    Moose Färg Ljus Blå (Light blue)
  • Kiruna Grå

    Perl grey

    Moose Färg Kiruna Grå (Perl grey)
  • Skiffer Grå

    Slate grey

    Moose Färg Skiffer Grå (Slate grey)
  • Dalarna Grön

    Swedish green

    Moose Färg Dalarna Grön (Swedish green)
  • Amål Grön

    Soft green

    Moose Färg Amål Grön (Soft green)
  • Skåne Gul

    Swedish yellow

    Moose Färg Skåne Gul (Swedish yellow)

Moose RDM for hardwood windows and doors

A third color type in our assortment is Moose RDM. This type of paint is also based on the antique natural paint, but contains more oil and filler. This variant is suitable for painting hardwood frames, doors and interior furniture. Unlike Moose F and Moose S, Moose RDM is less able to ‘bend’ with softwoods such as Douglas, spruce, pine and larch due to its ‘thicker’ structure. This variant is very wear-resistant and therefore ideal for dimensionally stable doors and window frames.

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