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Using Moose Färg paint indoors

If you think that Moose Färg paint can only be used outdoors, we are happy to change your mind. The paint is also great for indoor use! Especially because the paint does not leave an unpleasant paint odor, it is perfect as a matt furniture paint or for painting your walls.

On this page, you will find multiple ways to use Moose Färg paint indoors. Read along for the following subjects and get inspired!

On this page you will find information and advice on how to paint:

Are you unsure whether the paint is suitable for your painting project? We are happy to think along and give you specific advice. Do not hesitate to contact us.

moose farg paint indoor use

Various ways to use Moose Färg indoors

Are you going to paint an indoor project and do you like the look of chalk paint? Then Moose Färg’s matte paint is ideal for your job. Moose Färg paint is environmentally friendly and is very convenient for DIY projects. The paint does not drip, smells pleasant and is easy to apply: you don’t have to be a professional to get professional results!

Some unique features of Moose Färg paint:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unique Swedish colours

1. Painting wooden furniture with matt furniture paint

Renovating furniture with a layer of paint is a very trendy thing to do these days. You can transform old furniture into eyecatchers that can last for years to come with Moose Färg matt furniture paint.

High solid paint Moose RDM is a great option for painting your furniture: transforming them with a completely matte look – comparable to the chalk paint look. The paint is stronger than chalk paint, but it has the same ‘powdery’ appearance.

An advantage of matt furniture paint from Moose Färg is that the beautiful wood structures are preserved. In this way, your wooden furniture retains it’s authenticity.

Table tops, cupboard shelves or the top of a dresser that have been painted with Moose Färg paint can optionally be finished with Topp matte lacquer. This gives the paint a hard, wear-resistant layer that is easy to clean.

matt furniture paint
Cupboard in Siljan Blå

Advice for wooden furniture:

Are you going to renovate a cupboard, paint a table or upgrade another piece of furniture? Make sure to pay attention to pre-processing the wood. For a solid result in the long term, it is important that the paint can adhere well. So, don’t skip the pre-processing part.

For good adhesion of the paint, it is important to sand any old layers from the furniture. Our paint does not adhere directly to a smooth surface. Make sure to sand the surface with a coarse grit (80). Well-sanded, small bits of old paint are no problem, but it should not be a smooth or shiny surface. Once the furniture piece has been completely sanded, you can clean the wood with Polarsken. In Sweden, this organic linseed oil soap is seen as the best solution for cleaning surfaces before they are painted.

Moose RDM needs a primer. You can prime with a layer of Moose F or a highly diluted layer of Moose RDM. After priming, apply two thin layers of Moose RDM. As Moose RDM is a somewhat thicker paint, it is convenient to apply the paint with a brush and spread it with a felt roller.

2. Painting plastered walls

Moose F is suitable for various surfaces, it can also be used as a completely matte wall paint. A condition for paint type Moose F to adhere is that the surface is absorbent. So, why not use it on your plastered walls? With wall paint in traditional Swedish colors you can give your interior walls a calm appearance.

When choosing a wall paint for indoors, it is extra important that it does not contain toxins. Especially when painting a children’s room. Whether your walls are made of wood or plaster; Moose F is very suitable for painting them. It contains no harmful substances, is practically solvent-free and easy to dilute with water. After painting, you could sleep in your bedroom the same evening. Of course, always make sure to ventilate well.

The unique matte colors of Moose F give the walls of your bedroom, children’s rooms or living room a unique appearance. The result is even more matt than lime paint and chalk paint.

Please note: the paint colours appear slightly darker indoors than they do outdoors.

Moose Färg wall paint
Bohus Blå on a plastered wall

Advice for painting plastered walls:

For a durable result, it is important to properly prepare the walls. For unpainted, plastered walls: please pay attention to the suction power of the surface. Plasterwork is very absorbent if it has not been painted before. Using a wall primer helps, otherwise the plaster will absorb too much paint.

Moose F works very easily with a block brush. After applying first layer with a brush, you can also work with a felt roller. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. After painting and drying, you can easily clean your walls with a damp cloth. Be careful: do not rub.

Moose F can also be applied over already painted walls or wallpaper, provided it does not peel and the walls are clean. If you have any doubts: please send us an email for advice.

3. Painting a wooden floor

Interested in painting your wooden floor in a beautiful matte color? Moose F is very suitable for indoor floors made of all types of wood, including pine, spruce, parquet and light oak. You can choose for an opaque color, use our wash paint Dimma or create something unique such as a checkered pattern

The paint is very easy to apply with a block brush. For a durable finish, we always recommend to finish with our matt floor lacquer Topp after painting the floor. This is a solvent-free lacquer that is very easy to apply and does not become yellow over time.

Is there a lot of tannin in your wood? Please contact us first for advice. Tannin-stains may appear through the paint layer after using the lacquer. Especially with light colours, this can be a problem.

painting a floor
Checkered pattern painted with Moose F Vasa Svart and finished with Topp lacquer

Advice for painting and varnishing a wooden floor:

Make sure the floor is clean and degreased. It should not be oily and it should be free of dirt and dust. If necessary, sand lightly with 80 grit. An old wooden floor in particular must be properly pre-sanded and cleaned. Because the lacquer works like a magnifying glass, it is important that your floor is even. If necessary, use a primer such as All-Grund (Sud West) to create an even surface.

Apply Moose F on your floor with a brush. Usually, 2 layers of Moose F are sufficient for an opaque result. With white paint you may need a third coat. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. How long this takes depends on the temperature and humidity in your home. Make sure to ventilate well.

Finish the floor with Topp floor lacquer using a roller or brush. You can apply the lacquer directly to the dried paint. You will need two coats – use three for heavily used floors such as kitchen floors. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats, at least 24 hours. Wait a week before installing heavy carpets or furniture after applying the Topp lacquer.

4. Painting a wooden ceiling

Painting a ceiling does not happen very often, while it can bright up your space so much. We usually give our walls a fresh layer of paint, but a ceiling is often only painted either when it is new or when it’s old and needs a makeover.

Moose F is an ideal paint for painting wooden ceilings. It has a calm, matte appearance. Because the paint is absorbed into the wood, the beautiful wood grains and wood structures remain visible.

With our Dimma wash paint you create a white haze on the wood, leaving the wood color partly visible. Our Dimma Vit is a water-based white wash paint that creates a beautiful, matte white haze over the wood. But, you can also opt for a blue or grey wash. A perfect option if you are not a big fan of the yellowish wood color, but you do not want a completely opaque color.

Painting a plastered ceiling is an option as well. Make sure to read the painting advice above about painting plastered walls.

painting a wooden ceiling
Wooden ceiling painted in grey wash “Dimma Kiruna Grå”

Advice for painting a wooden ceiling:

Make sure the ceiling is clean and degreased. It should not be oily and it should be free of dirt and dust. If necessary, sand lightly with 80 grit. For example, with smooth-planed wood.

Apply Moose F or Dimma with a block brush. Dilute with 5 – 10% water for the first coat. Usually, 2 layers of Moose Färg paint are sufficient for an opaque result. With white paint you may need a third coat. With Dimma, you can control the intensity of the paint yourself, by the number of layers you apply.

Allow the ceiling to dry thoroughly. How long this takes depends on the temperature and humidity in your home. Of course, make sure to ventilate well.

5. Painting interior doors

Painting interior doors mainly has an aesthetic function. Logically, an interior door has to withstand less than an exterior door, but painting your interior doors is still advisable as it looks nice and give them a protective layer. Beautifully painted doors can really add character to your interior.

For painting interior doors, there are two options. You can use paint type Moose RDM. Or, you can use Moose F and then use a lacquer over the paint to create a strong result. Here, we give you advice on painting your interior door with Moose RDM.

Because Moose Färg paint does not contain any harmful substances and does not leave an unpleasant paint odor, the paint is very suitable for painting interior doors. This means, you can safely paint the doors of your bedroom or children’s room with our door paint.

painting interior doors
Moose RDM Ljus Blå

Advice for painting interior doors:

Remove all door hardware to increase ease of painting. Then clean your door thoroughly. Remove greasy fingerprints – especially around the door handle – and remove dirt with Polarsken linseed oil soap.

A door is almost never made of bare wood, even in new-build houses. Doors are often already painted and have a high-gloss finish. Moose RDM needs a rough base coat. For good adhesion, you must sand the smooth top layer on your door. This means: sand until the base layer becomes visible, which is a chalky layer. You then use this chalky layer as a base layer for Moose RDM. Applying a base coat is then no longer necessary. Make sure to remove all sanding dust.

After sanding you can paint your door with Moose RDM. Apply a thin coat of Moose RDM with a brush and spread the paint with a felt roller. Spreading with a felt roller is useful because this paint type does not flow easily due to its thicker substance. Allow the first layer to dry thoroughly before applying the second layer. In two thin layers the paint is usually opaque and you are done.

6. Painting wooden panelling

If you want to give your wood panelling a matte, opaque look, you can use paint type Moose F. The paint absorbs into the surface, leaving the beautiful wood structures visible. You create a lively and warm look in your living room using our opaque Swedish paint colors.

You can also opt for one of our semi-opaque Dimma colors. Dimma puts a color haze over the wood and still partially shows the wood color. If you apply several layers of Dimma, the coat will become more opaque with every layer, as you add more pigment. This way, you can choose the intensity of the color yourself.

Ideally, the wooden panelling has not been painted before and the wood is rough. Then you can easily apply the paint straight away. If the wall has already been painted, you should first give it a good coarse sanding with 80-grit sandpaper. Sanding is also recommended if the wood has been planed smooth, to improve the adhesion of the paint.

painting wood panelling
Wood panelling in Ljus Blå

Advice for painting wooden panelling:

A wall can become greasy over time, due to greasy cooking smells or as a result of touching it with greasy fingers. First, degrease the wood with Polarsken linseed oil soap. If the wood is very smooth, sand it with 80 grit for better adhesion.

Moose F and Dimma are very easy to apply with a block brush or felt roller. For the first paint layer, dilute with 5 – 10% water, so the paint can absorb into the wood. Usually 2 layers are sufficient, with absorbent surfaces or very light colors 3 layers can be necessary. Let dry in between the layers, you can apply the next layer when the first one is dust-dry.

If you touch the surfaces a lot, you can also opt for Moose RDM. For example in the hallway by the coat rack. This paint type contains more solids and oil, making it less sensitive for scratches.

How to choose the right color for your indoor project?

Are you unsure about which color to choose? There are several ways to get to know our colors better. This way, you can be absolutely certain that you choose the right colour for your indoor project. Please keep in mind that our colors look a bit darker indoors than they do outdoors.

Please note: not all of our standard colors are available in our matt furniture paint Moose RDM. However, we can make all colors for you (based on the RAL or NCS color systems). Please order a customised color.

Hand-painted color chart

With our hand-painted color chart you can properly assess all of our colors in your own environment. Request it here →

Moose Farg color chart

View customer photos

Viewing photos from other customers will give you a better idea of ​​our colors in different daylight. View all photos →

matt furniture paint

Paint sample

Not sure about the right color or doubting multiple colors? With a paint sample you can test our paint at home. Order here →

Indoor paint drying time

Temperature and humidity play a major role in drying. It is often thought that paint dries quickly indoors due to the higher temperature. However, indoor humidity can be relatively high, which can significantly extend the drying time. Water-based paint dries by releasing its moisture into the air. Therefore, it’s important to ensure good ventilation: open a window or door, so that moisture can escape.

Moose Färg is dust-dry quickly, usually after just a few hours. But, be careful: it then still contains moisture. The paint must harden properly before further use, especially if you want to wipe the surface. The paint is completely waterproof at room temperature after (at least) a week.

Ventilation is key while drying: make sure to open a door or a window. The color used here is Skiffer Grå.

Get inspired!

Take a loot at these beautiful photos of interior projects painted with Moose Färg – used on walls or as matt furniture paint – and get inspired!

Moose F Ljus Blå
painting stairs
Dalarna Grön and Topp lacquer
matt furniture paint
Matt furniture paint in Dalarna Grön
painting a floor
Norrland Vit and Topp lacquer
wallpaint moose farg
Moose F Skåne Gul
matt furniture paint
Visby Brun
matt furniture paint
Matt furniture paint in Falu Röd
matt furniture paint
Dimma wash Dalarna Grön

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