White wash paint Dimma

White wash paint suitable for inside and outside looks

Moose Färg White wash paint ( Dimma ) beach look: Dimma means fog, or haze in Swedish: semi-transparent and suitable for outdoors and indoors . It gives the wood a haze but the surface remains visible. For panellings, floors, and furniture . Colourwash is also an option, because if you don’t want to use whitewash, but give something a graywash, or any other colour, you can choose your own colour Dimma semi-transparent wash yourself.


White wash paint


Moose Vit Dimma creates a white haze.

Are you looking for a beautiful whitewash paint , use Moose Vit Dimma indoors and outdoors . It protects against UV because the pigment obstructs the rays. This makes it an effective way to give something colour without losing the character of the wood. Dimma also considerably slows down yellowing and ageing . It is very easy to use and you determine the colour yourself by the number of Dimma whitewash paint coatings you apply.

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White wash paint

White wash paint


Whitewash paint for all types of wood , outdoors and indoors.

For a good result outdoors, one treatment is often sufficient. If you want it a bit whiter, you can apply an additional coating. Its use is very easy because Dimma is water dilutable . The level of maintenance depends on the amount of direct sunlight the paint is exposed to. Outdoors: every three years or so, but if the wood is not in the sun it stays good for at least 5 years. Indoors, you can enjoy the special look of Dimma whitewash paint for many decades.

Greywash , black wash or a different colour wash ?

You can also order different colours of the semi-transparent paint, for example when you are interested in a black, yellow, blue or gray ‘wash’. Let your imagination run wild and we will make it happen with Dimma . Order your own customised colour wash, go to Dimma customised colour

Ideal for red cedar, oregon pine , douglas

Exposed to wind and weather, Western red cedar weathers quickly. It gets silvery grey and then blackish. Many people do not find this attractive. With Dimma beach look whitewash paint you provide the wood with a white haze which significantly inhibites the ageing process, so the wood retains its look much longer.

The inside of your garden shed

If you own a garden shed, the inside is often the last thing attention is paid to. Once a shed is done, we easily forget the inside. But with Dimma you can freshen up the interior and at the same time provide it with extra protection.

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