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Unique features

Why choose Moose Färg

The benefits of Moose Färg matt paint for wood at a glance:

Easy to use

No brush strokes, dries evenly
Smells pleasant
Rinsing of brushes and clothing is easey with soap and lukewarm water
No organic solvents
Thinned with water
No undercoat or primer required
Do not sand between coats

Easy to maintain

Clean with soap and lukewarm water
When recoating : Wash  and brush of dirt,
Sanding off the old layers of Moose Färg is not necessary
Immediately paintable


Swedish quality with centuries of experience
Not peel or flake( follow the instructions )
Maximum vapor permeable
Lets the wood life, not shut it off
Usually maintenance free for at least 4-5 years
Technically to 10 years accounted

Environment and human friendly

Completely environmentally friendly composition
Also in production and waste phase completely environmentally friendly

Unique colors

Matt light diffusion
Beautiful matt colors
The wood structure is retained