Water-repellent treatment for wood

Unique water-repellent and preservative treatment for wood:

Pansar 1 and 2 (heavy duty) and Pansar Lätt (for furniture).

Based on nanotechnology, Pansar ensures that the pores of the wood are sealed, making the wood water-repellent. The wood continues to breathe but no longer absorbs water, which also causes the wood to remain a natural color longer and makes cleaning easier. It is not a stain nor a varnish! No filmforming or gloss, the wood remains just as it is.

Pansar has been developed for light colored wood like pine, douglas etc. but can be used on hardwood like teak, however but ask advice!!

Do not expect the wood to maintain a deep wood color for the length of days, it will start to weather somewhat but is perfectly protected and can be cleaned perfectly. And it looks a lot nicer than non-treated wood.

Panser 1 and 2 is perfect for decking and fences. The treatment will initially color the wood darker, especially with tannin-containing woods (hardwood like teak or oak). The original wood color returns, however, after a few months outside. Optionally you can (temporarily) maintain this darker wood color with Pansar C maintenance oil.

Cleaning only with water, do not use soap, this can destroy the nano layer.

If you want a simple solution, take Pansar Lätt, which can easily be sprayed onto the wood and has no color effect. Lätt is particularly suitable for e.g. garden furniture.

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The effect of the Pansar 1 and 2 treatment lasts 10 to 15 years, Pansar Lätt must be repeated outside every year. Pansar contains no harmful substances and is totally ecological.

Pansar 1 and 2 colors the wood darker but has virtually no color effect on the wood in the long term (after rinsing off Pansar 2 oil fixer). The wood remains the wood! Ideal for a wooden deck, terrace, fences or wooden furniture. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The color effect depends on the type of wood.

The wood remains wood and will also behave like wood. However, the color will be retained longer due to the prevention of moisture penetration, so that the wood cells are not broken down.

Pansar 1 is the nano treatment, Pansar 2 is an oil finish (fixative). The latter allows the first to settle and react with the wood. This takes a few weeks. Pansarr 2 initially makes the wood a bit darker and fuller in color. in particular with tannin-containing woods. (this rinses off again later so that the wood will look natural). If you want to keep the fuller color, you can post-treat with Pansar C.

Note: The effect depends on the type of wood and the roughing. Thanks to the magnifying glass effect, all details will become more visible. There are types of wood such as teak, red cedar that contain salts. These can turn out slightly white. The wood remains wood but does not expect a deep wood color in the long term. However, the protection is great! For maintenance there is

Pansar C maintenance oil,

which deepens the color (temporarily); this treatment can be repeated as desired.


Water-repellent treatment for terrace and deck

The treatment ensures that the water remains in drops on the wood and does not absorb. The wind will eventually blow the drops away, the wood remains the wood. Pansar protects against all fungi (such as blue mold “the weather”), against wood rot, against green algae and against weathering. Distortion due to water absorption is prevented.

Dirt always remains on a deck. However, this is very easy to remove by just cleaning with a soap solution of linseed oil soap (Polarsken).

The application of Pansar 1 and 2 is very simple:

Make sure the wood is clean and dry. Pansar water-repellent treatment works like a magnifying glass, everything remains visible and becomes even more clearly visible. If you prefer grayed wood, you can pre-treat with Gråning wood aging agent. Then apply Pansar 1 with a brush or roller in dry weather at temperatures above 10 ° C. For 10 m2 you need approx. 1 liter. After drying you can apply Pansar 2. “Massage” the oil into the wood.

Drying time after this is 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature. Make sure that there is no rain within 1 day between treatment with Pansar 1 and also after applying the finish Pansar 2. Pansar 2 ensures that Pansar 1 is properly fixed in the beginning.

The Pansar 1 and 2 products are aqueous emulsions and completely solvent-free. Pansar 1 is reinforced with ceramic (nano) particles. Pansar 2 and Pansar C are oil treatments and contain silicones.
Water-repellent coating Pansar can NOT be used as a finish for Moose F or Dimma or Storuman Skydd !!

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Make wooden furniture water-repellent

Pansar Lätt can easily be used to make wooden furniture water-repellent and has no color effect. Pansar 1 and 2 are also applicable, but the effect depends on the type of wood, with light wood such as pine and spruce there is practically no effect (except the “magnifying glass” effect, getting wet). There are types of wood such as teak that contain salts due to previous treatments. These can turn out slightly white. This can be removed with soda and / or Pansar C. Also, wood containing tannins will initially darken

This garden table is sanded and treated with Pansar 1 and 2, the magnifying glass effect is clearly visible. The unevenness due to some uneven sanding will eventually disappear after a few months.

water-repellent treatment wood furniture

Water repellent treatment of vertical positioned wood

It is also possible to treat standing wood like fences or walls with Pansar. The wood becomes water-repellent but remains total wood. The color effect again depends on the wood.

Below an impression of slightly grayed wood treated with Pansar water-repellent treatment for wood.  It is clear to see that Pansar is getting the wood color completely. However, this effect disappears with time as the oil runs off. After a year it will look something like the untreated part.

water-repellent treatment wood

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Hardwood, teak and bankirai

You can also use Pansar water-repellent treatment for hard wood, but be careful because: hardwood decking and fences (especially teak and bankirai) are often composed of different parts of the tree. As a result, the structure is sometimes not completely smooth. Pre-treatments with PU and salts are also often carried out to make the wood look nicer and smoother in the first instance. This does not stand out with purchase and construction, but with weathering and treatment with Pansar it does. Pansar reacts with the wood and the unegality will therefore be emphasized. This may also cause a white rash. By scrubbing (after a few weeks) with soapy water and after treatment with a simple non-drying wood oil, this effect will largely disappear. The oil will wash away, so after-treatment after a year may be necessary. This therefore has everything to do with the quality and type of hardwood used. The water-repellent effect of Pansar will always remain present, also during cleaning and oil treatment (provided that Pansar is properly dried and worked in, this can take a week or 2).

Below an impression of what it looks like after treatment with Pansar 1 + 2 longer term (several weeks) after cleaning and treatment with oil, directly after treatment with oil and (exagerated) directly after treatment with Pansar 1 + 2 (this is a severe case of whitening, normaly it is way less).