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Wood mould, algae, fungi: maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning with lukewarm water and linseed oil soap

Moose Färg is matt which is a pleasure to the eye. If you want to prevent algal contamination and wood mould follow up some few tips. On touching the touchmarks may remain visible as slightly lighter spots. This disappears completely when lightly wiped with a damp cloth. Stains from e.g. birds can be removed easily with lukewarm water with a litle linseed oil soap (or some other mild detergent). Wash afterwards with pure water. Moose Färg is resitant to light cleaning (soft brush, cloth), but not wear resistant as is needed for floors, tables etc. For these applications use Topp lacquer.

Maintenance: no sanding required

Moose Färg is extremely easy to maintain. Depending on the location generally a 5 year maintenance period is adviced. For a new coat simply clean the surface with water and a litle soap (mostly a normal garden hose will do combined with a little brushing). Once clean, the new coat can be directly applied to the surface, no sanding is required. Once dry, the newly coated object is ready for another 5 – 7 years.


Wood mould

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Eradicate wood moulds and algal contamination

If you want to prevent algal contamination and wood mould (‘weather’), Grund can be helpful. Moose Färg is an eco paint and contains a minimal amount of biological preservative. This is sufficient for almost all applications so you do not need to take any additional action.

However, there are circumstances in which you need to do more. That may be the case if the environment is moist (in the middle of the forest, or bushes ) or the ventilation of your panelling is not optimal. Ventilation is the keyword when it comes to mould. If the wood has the chance to dry well, this usually does not occur.

To avoid algal contamination and mould you can treat your wood with Moose Färg Forebyg before you paint it. Just spray or brush it in and allow it to dry . Then, if you want to, you can paint it over again. Grund antifungal primer is especially useful if you want to paint again. Just brush it in and paint afterwards.

Algal removal is the easiest.

Algae can be easily washed off with linseed oil soap ( Polarsken ). Do it quickly though, so the algae no not get a chance to settle in the paint and wood. It is recommended to add some (environmentally friendly) bleach to your suds. Algae do not like chlorine. Watch out for your clothes, of course.

Wood mould  “weather” ( black spots in the wood)

In some places, it is very difficult to prevent mould (the weather) on the wood. In those cases, you can turn to Anti Vamp for a more thorough approach. Although the components of these means are a minimal burden to humans and the environment, avoiding them is always better than applying. But unfortunately that does not always work and it is time for a more radical approach.

The black spots on the wood are also ínside the wood. If you do not take action, the mould (blåsvamp in Swedish) will nestle itself everywhere within a few years . So you will have to proceed thoroughly, wash well with linseed oil soap and chorine and then treat the wood with Grund.

Also consider if you can improve the ventilation or construction; this is actually the best thing to do.

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