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Water-repellent impregnation for wooden decks and terasses

Platform impregnation Pansar can be applied to different types of wood, no matter what your deck or platforrm is made of. Impregnate your terrace or impregnate your deck with Pansar to ensure protection against fungi, algae and spores. The wood is less likely to rot, weathering is less likely to occur and Pansa wood impegnation also prevents cracking of wood and deformation due to water absorption.

So treating your terrace or deck with Pansar brings great benefits. Choose Pansar waterr-repellent wood impregnation from Moose Färg if you want to enjoy a nice wooden terrace or a beautiful wooden deck for longer.

To impregnate a wooden terrace or wooden deck

Impregnate the terrace? Pansar water-repellent wood impregnation from Moose Färg for your wooden terrace and deck
In the Moose Färg webshop you are at the right place if you are looking for a good product to impregnate your wooden deck or deck. The natural wood color is retained by impregnating the wood with Pansar. This always provides a nicer appearance than when the wood discolours. Impregnating your wooden terrace and deck with the ecological water-repellent coating Pansar is therefore a wise idea if you want the deck and the terrace to remain beautiful for longer. You apply the product with a two-step treatment. You can ensure that moisture penetration is made impossible. In this way fungi do not have the ability to attack the wood and therefore the wood retains its beautiful original color.

Impregnate decking? Order now: Pansar water-repellent impregnation for wood

Another advantage is that if Pansar wood protection is applied, it will be easier to keep the wood clean in the future. This therefore costs you less time and effort and that is why Pansar is a must have product for people who want to protect their wood in a simple way. Do you want to buy this product online? You can choose from 2 different packaging options. Order Pansar for 10 square meters, for 30 square meters.

There is also Pansar C, this is cleaning and maintenance oil that you can use with wood treated with Pansar 1 & 2. This allows you to remove white rash and other contaminants and the improve color.

Unique water-repellent impregnation for wood

Moose Färg has many products available to treat your wooden terrace or wooden deck in order to extend the lifespan. Our new product Pansar is an excellent method to protect the wood of your deck or terrace in two steps. Previously, this wood was protected in a traditional way by applying an oil-based protective layer. Unfortunately, the oil is broken down by UV radiation and moisture and you are forced to apply a new protective layer within a year. With the arrival of Pansar from Moose Färg, this is a thing of the past.

Impregnating the terrace and impregnating the deck with Pansar ensures that you will no longer have to look at your terrace for the next 10 to 15 years. This product is based on nanotechnology and the most important component is silicon dioxide. This penetrates deep into the wood and makes it a durable, breathable, breathable surface. The nanocoating protects the wood against water, ultraviolet radiation and this preserves the original color of the wood and has a positive effect on the quality of the wood.

You cannot only use Pansar to impregnate your wooden decking or wooden deck. You can also use it to provide wooden structures, houses, facades, garden furniture and saunas with a protective layer or to make scaffolding wood water-repellent. So you can use it inside and outside. For more information about this product you can contact Moose Färg.

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