Älg or elk or moose?

My pet animal and logo is a moose and for a reason!

The moose is capable to survive in harsh climats and loves its freedom. Sometimes all alone (the male are loners) it wanders around and makes a living from what it finds. The females have their calves close and are very protective, do not approach them as they are dangerous and can kill with their forefeet, a blow with a hoove can become lethal!. However normally they are shy and quite peacful. But beware, being huge upto 800 kilos your car will lose, drive carefully as only in Sweden car accidents cause up to 80 deaths a year (humans that is).

The name comes from the Indian language spoken in the area of Vermont, it means he who takes the leaves from branches of trees. A very appropriate name as that is exactly their favourite activity. Now here is some confusion to clear up: the Swedisch name is älg (German Elche). However the English/American elk is an entirely different animal, though it is also big and lives in similar habitats. The Dutch call it eland.

They are present in the whole northern hemisphere and are good swimmers, so they can go everywhere (and they do!). Naturally curious they are inventive in finding food, they love apples. Sometimes they eat half rotten fermented apples which cause them to get drunk and do stupid things (much like humans really) like getting lost in metro stations in Oslo.

By the way.. this is an Elk (so not a Moose)