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Pure paint from Moose Färg

Pure paint from Moose Färg is produced with utmost care for both the user and the environment.

The original recipy contained rye and wheat aswell as linseed oil, water and natural pigments. Our purepaint Moose S follows this basic idea,

Moose F and Moose RDM are modified (the linseed oil is made more reactive) so as to achieve compatibility with modern expectations. These are especially
suitable for smooth (shaven) surfaces, while Moose S is solely applicable for rough untreated timber as is commonly used in Sweden.

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pure paint

Pure paint Falu Röd

Pure paint from Moose Färg is very easy to use and durable

Already since 1255 the pigment in the red colour of Moose Färg has been used. Originally not even linseed oil was used. Nowadays modern insights in paint technology have been used to adjust this basic concept.

Moose Färg pure paint is very easy to use. As it is waterborne stains can be easily removed from skin and clothing with lukewarm water and a little soap. There will be no harm to vegetables and plants in your garden. No volatile compounds are present in the base paint and off course heavy metal content (like lead) are  zeroe. Though biocompatible we do not advice to flush excess paint from you can to the drains. Let the paint dry and discard in the normal solid wast disposal.

The experience of centuries causes and exceptional durability: as it forms no layer of film over the woodsurface watervapour can freely go in or out of the wood according to the moisturelevel in the atmosphere. Due to this open structure Moose Färg does not (or rarely) flake or detach from the wood even when cracks formation occurs.



Purepaint maintenance: no sanding required, just cleaning.

Moose Färg purepaint is extremely easy to maintain. Depending on the location generally a 5 year maintenance period is adviced. For a new coat simply clean the surface with water and a litle soap (mostly a normal garden hose will do combined with a little brushing). Once clean the new coat can be directly applied to the surface, no sanding is required. Once dry the newly coated object is ready for another 5 – 7 years. Sometimes one has to deal with funghi, read more on this subject here.

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pure paint

Purepaint Vasa Svart

Purepaint from Moose Färg is available in natural pure colours:

  • Falu RödSwedish redMoose Färg Falu Röd (Swedish red)
  • Vasa SvartDeep blackMoose Färg Vasa Svart (Deep black)
  • BlytungsgråLead greyMoose Färg Blytungsbrå (Lead grey)
  • Skiffer GråSlate greyMoose Färg Skiffer Grå (Slate grey)
  • Kiruna GråPerl greyMoose Färg Kiruna Grå (Perl grey)
  • SommerblåSummer blueMoose Färg Sommerblå (Summer blue)
  • Bohus BlåSwedish blueMoose Färg Bohus Bla (Swedish blue)
  • Ljus BlåLight blueMoose Färg Ljus Blå (Light blue)
  • Victoria GrönDark greenMoose Färg Victoria Grön (Dark green)
  • Dalarna GrönSwedish greenMoose Färg Dalarna Grön (Swedish green)
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