Moose F paint for all types of wood

Made of linseed oil and modified linseed oil (alkyd) but water dilutable, a “mayonnaise”, an emulsion of oil droplets. Suitable for all wood; impregnated wood, planed and already stained wood. Also for inside: plaster, wallpaper, plasterboard, MDF and textured paint. Ideal for Red Cedar, oregon pine and heat-treated wood.

Prices can vary per color. We can also make you specific color per 4 liters on request if you have a RAL or NCS code, click on customer color.

The colors Vasa Svart (deep black) and Visby Brun (dark brown) are out of stock until end of August. Pre-order by sending us an e-mail.

Moose Färg Blytungsbrå (Lead grey)
Dark brown
Moose Färg Grädde (Off-white)

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All purpose wood paint for practically all kinds of wood and timber. Also applicable on e.g. MDF, plaster (ask for advice). Not suitable for metal (but does however cover nails and screws). If you want to paint an already painted panelling, take a look at Moose RDM, this can also be a suitable solution. We recommend RDM for bargeboards, window- and doorframes, doors and furniture.

Generally 2 coats are sufficient, however for light colours (esp.white) 3 coats may be required.

How much paint do I need?

For two coats the usage is generally 7 m² per liter total:

2 liter 10 – 20 m²
4 liter 20 – 40 m²
6 liter 30 – 60 m²
8 liter 40 – 80 m²
12 liter 60 – 120 m²

Please note: the usage can be considerably higher for more absorbing surfaces! ( up to 30%)


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