Wood aging agent

Wood aging agent, wood soap and wood lye: it grays and/or weathers the wood but is not a stain. Gråning gives the effect as if the wood has been in the sun for 4 years.

Be careful when using Gråning: each type of wood reacts differently. As a guideline, keep in mind that tannic woods react very quickly. This applies to oak, Douglas, larch, etc. In that case, use a very dilute solution of about 1 g/litre. For tannin-poor woods such as pine and spruce, you need about 50 gr/litre. Repeating the treatment and exposure to the sun will increase the effect.

After using Gråning, you can finish standing wood (eg an interior wall) with Storuman Skydd. When using it on a table or floor, it is best to finish with our matte lacquer TOPP. You can finish an outdoor terrace or decking with Pansar water-repellent coating or possibly Bästa Ölja linseed oil.
If you’re looking for a grey wash, Dimma wash semi-transparent matte stain can be interesting as well. Dimma Skiffergrå strongly resembles aged wood.