Pansar Lätt water-repellent wood spray

Unique colorless water-repellent and preservative treatment for hardwood in particular (furniture inside and out):

Pansar Lätt (light) 0.45 liters (good for 4 -5 m2) in a handy spray bottle.

Based on nanotechnology, Pansar Lätt water-repellant spray for wod ensures that the pores are sealed, making it water-repellent. The wood continues to breathe but no longer absorbs water, which also keeps the wood color longer and makes cleaning easier. It is not a stain nor a varnish!
Do not expect the wood to maintain a deep wood color for the length of days, it will start to weather somewhat but is perfectly protected and can be cleaned perfectly. Also the look stays pleasant. If you wish, you can achieve a darker wood color wood color with Pansar C maintenance oil. For demanding surfaces such as decking, flooring and platforms use Pansar 1 + 2.

The effect of the treatment stays 1 to 2 years and must then nees to be be repeated. Pansar contains no harmful substances and is totally ecological. The coating does not or hardly color the wood and is therefore very suitable for hardwood such as garden furniture or indoor furniture. The wood remains the wood!



Instructions for use:

Shake the product in the package very well before use.

Apply to totally dry wood with a brush or roll on the cleaned surface in dry weather at above 15 ° C. The consumption is 100 g / m2. The surface must be carefully cleaned and free from dust and dirt.

Drying time of 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature. Make sure that no rain comes over it within 1 day.

The treatment must be repeated after a the year or two.

Clean the tools with soap and water. Keep the container closed. May not freeze!

White spots can sometimes appear on, for example, teak. This effect is sometimes very beautiful. If in doubt, make a test piece to see if it is to your liking. If you want total wood color, the white stains can be removed with Pansar C maintenance oil or with soapy water or soda.

Shelf life: Pansar Lätt slowly becomes less workable after 1 year after the purchase date.

Composition Pansar Lätt: aqueous emulsion reinforced with ceramic (nano) particles. Limit value Cat A / c 40 g / l VOC (2010) This product contains <o g / l

Maintenance: Pansar C can be used after applying Pansar lätt for maintenance and if necessary. (white) spots and can be ordered separately. Pansar Lätt must be re-applied after a year or two.


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