Wood oil Bästa Olja – purified oil for the protection of wood

Wood oil Bästa Olja is 100% purified, drying linseed oil from Sweden. A pattented purification process gives the oil superior properties:

  • makes the wood water-repellent
  • is not affected by bacteria or wood rot
  • resistant to fungi
  • dries quickly
  • does not yellow
  • completely organic and sustainable, free of solvents
  • makes the wood resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and acids, such as lemon, wine and vinegar.

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Bästa Olja (‘Best Oil’) is a purified wood oil from Sweden. Linseed oil is pressed from the dried seeds of the flax plant. Bästa Olja is unique because all non-drying ingredients have been removed through a unique purification method. For example, the B-carotene, which causes yellowing in other oils, has been removed. The oil makes the wood water-resistant. As a result, fungi can no longer grow in dry wood and it remains rot-free.

Linseed oil Bästa Olja penetrates deep into the wood. Depending on the application, the linseed oil is absorbed into the wood by about 1.5-3 mm. Other wood oils do not penetrate the surface, but harden on top o it. The linseed oil dries quickly by reacting with oxygen. By using Bästa Olja as wood oil, you make your wood water-repellent and resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids.

The deep penetration into the wood makes the treatment practically permanent. The effect will only deplete when the impregnated wood layer has worn off, which usually takes decades. This makes Bästa Olja a perfect wood oil for boat decks, hardwood decking, garden furniture and window frames. Read more about linseed oil.

Bästa Olja is available in 1 liter cans. This treats approximately 7-10 m2.

Use of wood oil Bästa Olja

This is an abbreviated user manual. Read the extensive supplied user manual before use.

Pre-processing. Clean the wood with soapy water. Then remove all soap residue with plenty of water.

Application. Apply thinly with a brush and let the linseed oil soak in. You can also heat the oil to 130 degrees for a deeper penetration into the wood. Read more about this in the detailed user manual.

Remove any residual oil left on the surface after 20-30 minutes. Oil left on the surface leaves a sticky skin.

Process. Process above 18 degrees. Apply the wood oil to dry wood with a brush. Drying takes place by means of oxidation with the air.

Drying. Drying time depends on ventilation and temperature. At 20 °C and with good ventilation, Bästa Olja dries in 24 hours or less. The oil can dry in a few hours on a windy, hot summer day, while in a cool, poorly ventilated garage it can take up to a week. Make sure no rain gets over it within 2 -3 days.

Cleaning. Wash brushes and tools used with a strong soap, eg Polarsken linseed oil soap. Clean the oiled wood with water. Do not do this with soap, this can affect the wood oil.

Maintenance. Sunlight causes wood to turn grey. Bästa Olja slows down this process, but does not stop it. The original color of the wood can be easily restored by rubbing a small amount of wood oil into the surface.

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