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Black wood paint in Ireland


Hi there,
I promised you I would send you a picture of the completed cabin. We used Moose Farg black wood paint Moose F Vasa Svart on the exterior. We are now open for business. Check out our website www.acornwood.ie.

Fiona O Malley

Carrakennedy, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. F28 HX24

tel nr 00353877937075

black wood paint

Beautiful blue grey paint


Dear Mr Smit,
The paint cans arrived properly a couple of days after you shipped them.
I think it was on monday sept 15th. Fast shipment and safe packing.
At first, I must admit that I was surprised and even a little disappointed by the color that I discovered at the opening.
But, when the two layers have been spread and dried, the aspect changed totally. The brownish grey I had seen turned to the beautiful blue grey paint that I expected.
The render is wonderful. I wish I had not already painted the shutters !
Oops, I forgot to thank you very much for the pepparkakor box.
I am really satisfied of your supplies and won’t forget to make advertise all around me.
Best wishes.
Vincent Desplanche Rabastens France

Die Farbton ist sehr schön


Guten Morgen,

Sie hatten mich darum gebeten, Ihnen ein Foto von dem Schrank zu schicken, wenn ich ihn mit der Farbe angestrichen habe. Die Farbe ist toll, sehr gut zu verarbeiten und der Farbton ist auch sehr schön!

Die Farbe werde ich wirklich weiterempfehlen!

Viele Grüße,

Angelica Laue Marienheide