Pansar 1+2 13m2

Pansar colorless water-repellent and preservative two-step treatment for all types of wood.

2 x 1,3 liters, enough for 13 m2

Preserves the natural color of wood and prevents water penetration. Protects against fungi, rot, algae, spores and weathering, cracking and deformation due to water absorption. Designed for the protection of decking, terraces, wooden structures, houses, fences, fences, facades, garden furniture and saunas. Also works on ceramics and (open) concrete. Can be used both indoors and outdoors. Does not form a film or a covering layer. The color of the substrate remains almost the same. For darkcolored hardwood like teak ask advice!

Based on nanotechnology. The most important component is silicon dioxide, which penetrates into the wood and forms a durable, breathable, breathable surface. The effect of the nanocoating is 10 to 15 years. The color retention depends on the situation and maintenance with Pansar C. Pansar contains no antiseptics or other substances that can be dangerous to human health and the environment, but is resistant to harmful insects and fungi.

Pansar hardens after application and eventually becomes colorless, but due to the oil of Pansar 2, the wood can color darker immediately after treatment. This depends on the type of wood. If in doubt, make a test piece. The oil fixer washes off through the rain, then the wood becomes lighter again and will weather in a natural way. If you do not want this, you can post-treat with Pansar C. Do you not want color change take Pansar Lätt.

Important! Do not use soap for cleaning, just water. Soap can destry the nanolayer.

When ordering you will receive 2 bottles with the same capacity (1,3 liters), 1 x Pansar 1 and 1x Pansar 2. These must be applied in this order.




Pansar 1 Pre-treatment: this is the first step of the two-step treatment. Cannot be used separately for protection but only as a base layer. Contains nano particles.

Pansar 2 Finish: This should be applied immediately after drying of the pre-treatment (2 to 4 hours) and fixes Pansar 1.

Instructions for use:

Shake the product in the package very well before use.

Apply to totally dry wood with a brush or roll on the cleaned surface in dry weather at above 10 ° C. The consumption is 100 g / m2. The surface must be carefully cleaned and free from dust and dirt.

Drying time of 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature. Make sure that it does not rain within 1 day between treatments and after applying the finish.

Clean the tool with soap and water. Keep the container closed. May not freeze! Shelf life is approx. 2 years after the date of purchase. After this the strenght of the product goes down slowly.

The treated wood can deepen and alter by the oil of Pansar 2. This is especially the case with wood that contains a lot of tannin (hardwood). White spots can sometimes also appear on, for example, teak. This effect is sometimes very beautiful. If in doubt, make a test piece to see if it is to your liking. If you want total wood color, the white stains can be removed with Pansar C maintenance oil or soda.

The original color wil re-appear after some months and the wood will “weather” in a natural way.

Composition Pansar 1: aqueous emulsion reinforced with ceramic (nano) particles. Pansar 2 and Pansar C contain silicones.

Limit value Cat A / c 40 g / l VOC (2010) This product contains <o g / l

Maintenance: Pansar C can be used after applying 1 and 2 for maintenance and possible removal of (white) spots and can be ordered separately.

Important! For cleaning only use water, no soap as this can attack the nanolayer.


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